Concrete Sealing – Home Maintenence

Real Estate here in the Idaho Falls area has been booming over the past few years. During this time there have not been enough homes for buyers, whether they are local or moving in from out of state. New home developments have been pushing hard and fast to get homes for these buyers. New construction homes have popped up everywhere in Southeast Idaho. Although the home is brand new, preventative maintenance is a must. Sealing the concrete around your home is often overlooked.


What Is it?

Sealing the concrete around your home is a commonly overlooked maintenance item. Whether it be driveway, sidewalk, garage/shop floor, basement floor, patios, or landscape pavers, the cement is vulnerable unless it is sealed. A professional concrete sealing company can prep the concrete, and apply a durable chemical sealer for protection. Concrete sealing works best on new concrete projects such as a newly build home, a new concrete pad, or a new landscape addition. The concrete sealer will protect the concrete whether it be interior or exterior.

concrete sealing

Advantages of Sealing your Concrete

The concrete around your home is an integral part of the curb appeal of your real estate asset. Protecting your biggest asset whether it be your home or business is key. Weather in Southeast Idaho can be severe, we have high temperatures in the summer and very low temperatures in the winter. Rain, snow, ice, and other chemical contaminates eat at the surface of your concrete. Sealing your concrete will prevent breakdown of the appealing surface of your concrete and also prevent cracks that grow over time. When it comes time to sell your home, you want your concrete to be in great shape. It can be costly to replace large sections of concrete. Concrete sealing not only preserves your curb appeal but it also saves you money in the long run.

Local Concrete Sealing Company

If you have a new or old concrete project around your home, you need to consider finding a professional in the area that can seal the cement. Rhino Concrete Sealing is a company that specializes in concrete/cement sealing in Southeast Idaho. A professional sealing company will have a product that will fit your specific concrete project. Finding a professional that is responsive, honest, and reliable is invaluable.

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Idaho Coronavirus Ban on Evictions

Have you heard of the ban on tenant evictions due to the coronavirus? This is a controversial order that the CDC enacted in September 2020. There is a lot of speculation on what this order will do the real estate market in Idaho as well as across the united states.


Coronavirus Ban on Evictions – What is it?

The Coronavirus ban on evictions was ordered initially to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. If tenants are evicted it would present more situations for them in which they could catch the virus. The ban protects the tenant but may put the landlord in a sticky spot. Thankfully there are some boundaries and regulations to the ban on evictions.

Here are the requirements:

  • Tenant has used their best efforts to obtain government assistance for housing
  • Tenant is unable to pay their full rent due to a substantial loss of income
  • Tenant is making their best efforts to make timely partial payments of rent, and
  • Tenant would become homeless or have to move into a shared living setting if they were to be evicted.

In addition there are a few financial requirements, tenant must:

  • expect to earn no more than $99,000 (individuals) or $198,000 (filing joint tax return) in 2020
  • not have been required to report any income to the IRS in 2020, or
  • have received an Economic Impact Payment (stimulus check) pursuant to Section 2201 of the CARES Act, Section 9601 of the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, or to any other similar federally authorized payments made to individuals in 2021 and 2021.

In order to be qualified for the coronavirus ban on evictions the tenant must fill out an official declaration stating that they qualify. The ban was initially slated to end in 2020 but was extended on December 27th, 2020. The ban now will go through July 31st, 2021. For additional information see the CDC Eviction Moratorium.

Coronavirus ban on evictions

Ban on Evictions in Idaho

If you are like most, you probably haven’t heard a lot about a ban on evictions in Idaho. although there is a federal order to protect tenants at this time, individual states can protect tenants even further by adding additional orders, or extending the ban. Idaho has not ordered anything in addition to the federal ban on evictions. There are other states such as California and Hawaii that have extended the ban to protect tenants. There are also a handful of states that have ordered additional items to the ban.

Idaho Real Estate Market

There is uncertainty on how this ban on evictions will affect the buying and selling of homes across the states as well as here in Idaho. Home values are continuing to climb and are are projected to do so for the rest of 2021. We do know that there are crowds of buyers looking for a home in the Southeast Idaho area. Idaho is a location that attracts people looking for good communities, conservative politics, and local amenities. We are excited to see the continuing growth of the Southeast Idaho as well as the rest of the state.


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Southeast Idaho Home Buying Process

Buying a home in Idaho in the year 2021 has been different than years before. The real estate market right now is fast paced, competitive, and relentless. If you are a homebuyer looking for a home in the Idaho Falls, or surrounding area, then you will find this road map very useful.

Local Real Estate Expert

Before getting into it. The first thing that you need to know is it is essential to have an experienced Rockstar agent on your side. Getting in touch with local realtor will give you additional insight to market conditions, and give you better chance of finding a home that fits in your budget. There is a lot involved with buying a home. With a professional real estate agent on your team the process is seamless and manageable.

The Home Buying Process

Southeast Idaho Home Buying Process

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Finding the right house for you and your family is achievable in this market. Knowing the process of buying a home in Southeast Idaho before you find a home can be very beneficial. Reach out to a local real estate expert today to get going! Learn more about Dustin Hawkins and read his reviews here.


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Southeast Idaho Trout Fishing

Idaho is know for its world class trout fishing. There are multiple river and lake locations in Southeast Idaho that provide a diverse fishing experience. Whether you are new to Idaho, just visiting, or a long time resident, here is some great trout fishing information.


Idaho Fisheries

The State of Idaho cherishes, and protects recreational trout fishing. There are a list of rules and regulations that you will need to learn. Those rules can be found here on the Idaho Fish and Game website. this means that in order to fish on public land you will need to get an Idaho fishing license. If you are from out of state you will need to get a non resident license; you can get a single day, season, or year license. If you are a resident you will need proof of residency. Once you get your license you need to understand the regulations of catch and release for each type of trout. When fishing on public land always respect the wildlife, other fisherman, and the environment around you.

Southeast Idaho Trout Fishing Holes

Here are a few of the most popular fishing holes in Southeast Idaho:

  • South Fork Snake River – The South Fork of the Snake River flows from west Wyoming into the Southeast Idaho valley. It flows through Swan Valley, Ririe, Rigby, and Idaho Falls. There are multiple public boat launches and fishing access locations along this large stretch of river. there are plenty of spots for bank fishing, as well as watercraft. Huge record trout can be found as well as sturgeon.
  • Palisades Reservoir – This is the areas largest reservoir that feeds the Southeast Idaho Valley. Not only is this large body of water a great fishing hole, but also provides recreation for boats, water skiing and more. There are a variety of fish that one could target including Kokanee, Trout varieties, and Bass.
  • Henry’s Fork Snake River – The Henry’s Fork can be found in the Upper Snake River Valley. It flows through Rexburg, St Anthony, Ashton, and Island Park. This stretch of the Snake River is famous for heart throbbing Fly Fishing. It boasts deep fishing holes as well as shallow wading sections.
  • Falls River – The Falls River starts in Northwest Wyoming and flows the the city of Ashton and Chester, where it dumps into the Henry’s Fork of the Snake River. This small river has great shallows for wading or small watercraft, and is great for both fly-fishing and spin casting.
  • Teton River – The Teton River starts in Teton, ID and is fed by various mountain water creeks. The river passes through the Rexburg area where it dumps into the Snake River. this river is characterized by its large amount of Cutthroat Trout. Fly fishing opportunities are in abundance, as it winds through the areas farmland.
  • Warm River – The Warm River is exactly that, a ‘warm’ spring fed river. This small river provides great year round trout fishing. The river is shallow with great fly fishing opportunities. This river starts below Island park where it flows into the Ashton area and connects with the Snake River.
  • Island Park Reservoir – This body of water in Island Park is a beautiful year round Idaho fishery. In the summer fishing is best from a boat where one could target large rainbow trout and Kokanee. In the winter this turns into a great ice fishing location.
  • Blackfoot River – The Blackfoot River is fed by the Blackfoot Reservoir and offers great fishery in the Bingham County area. This river flows through the city of Blackfoot. A variety of Trout species can be caught along the slow moving small river.
  • American Falls Reservoir – This large body of water is located South of Idaho Falls, in American Falls. The reservoir sits in the middle of an expansive valley next to the Pocatello area. One can target a large population of Bass and Trout from a boat of the bank.

Southeast Idaho Trout Fishing

Southeast Idaho Trout Fishing Property

Idaho is full of recreation. Fishing is a hobby that is well know in the area, and there are multiple public access locations to Trout Fisheries. There is an abundance of property available in Idaho that can provide those fishing opportunities right out your back door.  Riverfront property, private ponds, Lake front, and community fishing holes are amenities that you can find on Southeast Idaho Real Estate. For more information regarding local Trout Fishing, or water front properties please contact us.

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