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Finding the right fit for you in real estate may be your biggest goal. The right fit will mean personal success, happiness at work, monetary reward, and continual growth. Becoming a real estate agent in Southeast Idaho is more than just a job, it is a career, a business, that you are building.

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Brokerage support is key whether you are starting out new in the real estate industry, or have been an agent for decades. Unique situations can arise in almost any transaction. Having someone to call, meet with, vent, or run through a contract with you, is essential in your business. We believe that with the right support one can slingshot their career and have immense success.

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It is impossible to build anything without the right tools and resources. Idaho Agents real estate provides all agents with tools to succeed. Transaction management software, a robust CRM, training resources, marketing material, and a top performing website allow you to build your business.

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Keeping money in your pocket is our goal. Idaho Agents Real Estate has an aggressive commission structure. Not only do you get to keep a large amount of the commission you receive, but there are no obligatory monthly fees. Office space, resources, training and more is all offered to you at no cost.

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We want you to run your business not us. We give you the support, resources, and aggressive income structure so you can develop a sustaining career. We have two offices, agents from north Idaho to south Idaho, and online tools to allow you to work where you want. There are no monthly quotas, or required floor times. You have the freedom to create.

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Idaho Agents Real Estate functions as a family. We try to maintain an atmosphere of support, and honesty. Having high standards and the desire to serve the community is a must. We find growth and success happens as a team. Idaho Agents Real Estate is a safe place to grow a successful real estate career.


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