What is a Home Inspection?

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Home Buyers

A home inspection proves to be very beneficial to you in your home buying journey. Once you are under contract on a home you will have a due diligence time period in which you can do inspections. These inspection might include neighborhood research, contractor bids, and of course a general home inspection. A general home inspection is done by a professional inspector that you hire. The inspector will look through the entire home, all the main systems, and even cosmetic issues that you might not have seen. You will get a report after the inspection that will outline deficiencies in the home. You can take that report and negotiate further with the seller if you desire. Although you need to pay for an inspection, it can save you thousands down the road.

Home Sellers

It is very likely that every buyer that offers on your home will request an inspection. Before listing your home you should have filled out a property condition disclosure that outlined known defects on the home. A home inspection will most likely call out defects that you know about the home as well as defects that are unknown. Be prepared to see a list of items from an inspector when that times comes. Negotiating with the buyer is key on inspection items.



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