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There is an Idaho Falls Costco coming soon! Costco is a store that the majority of people love. If you have ever been to a Costco you know that there is a lot to see and a lot to buy. Who doesn’t love buying in bulk? With the city of Idaho Falls growing, we get the advantage of seeing more restaurants, retail stores, amenities, and housing crop up in the area.


If you are a Costco lover chances are you have visited the location nearest Idaho Falls, and that is Pocatello. The Pocatello location has been going strong since the end of 2008. Buying frozen fruit, cheese, fresh bakery items, chicken, snacks, drinks, and more in bulk is enough to get any Costco lover excited. Big families, that have a lot of mouths to feed, find it very convenient to buy food in bulk, and smaller families and individuals find that buying in bulk can save them funds to spend elsewhere. Costco is a symbol of the american dream.


Idaho Falls Costco


Idaho Falls Location

The Idaho Falls Costco has been under construction for nearly a year now. It is set to be finished by August 14th 2020. Costco is being built on the North side of Idaho Falls, near the roundabout on Hitt Rd and Lincoln. This location has been long awaited and will supposedly be bigger and better than ever. The Idaho Falls location will be 20,000 square feet larger than the Pocatello location at 180,000 square feet. That is a lot of product! Costco plans on hiring over 100 employees to get things rolling. This means that there is job opportunities for local Idaho Falls citizens as well as relocation opportunities for out of state employees. If you are planning on getting a membership you can start now! There are Costco reps all over the city with booths where you can sign up. They are doing incentives for early sign up.


Local Business

Costco is going to make a big splash in Idaho Falls. It will compete with the popular Sams Club in the area. we have already started to see Sams Club step up their game in preparation for some healthy competition. For the Idaho Falls citizen it means a boost in economy, more opportunity, and more employment. the location of the Idaho Falls Costco also provides opportunity for commercial development on the North side of town. We will most likely see increased business opportunities near Costco.



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