Idaho House Roof Materials

When buying an Idaho house, it is important to keep in mind what roof material the home has. Weather in Idaho can be severe at times and you want to make sure your house is protected from the elements. The roof on your house is the first place that sees the adverse weather. There are multiple Idaho house roof materials.

Idaho House Roof

Wood Shake Roof

Wood shake is an Idaho house roof material that was frequently used years ago. On older homes found Idaho Falls and surrounding areas, you will find wood shake roofs. These materials were used often due to their visual appeal and durability. Idaho weather is rough on your house roof and a thick wood shake can combat snow, hail, wind, and powerful winds. At the same time a wood shake roof can be expensive, high maintenance, and present other hazards. This type of Idaho roof material has an estimated lifespan of 30 to 40 years.


  • Durable and weather resistant
  • Creates a visual appearance that can increase the curb appeal on a house
  • Common materials


  • Expensive to replace (as there are extra labor costs in removing wood shake)
  • High Maintenance (requires cleaning and waterproofing periodically)
  • May present a fire hazard to your house

Idaho House Roof

Architectural Roof

Another Idaho house roof material that is very common is the architectural shingles. This type of home roof is currently used frequently due to its durability and options. There are a wide range of colors, textures, and thicknesses with architectural roof materials. This shingle is a strong fiberglass material that has durable ceramic granules that are embedded in waterproof asphalt. This proves to withstand Idaho weather and can be adapted to any type of home. This type of Idaho roof material has an estimated lifespan of 30 years.


  • Visually appealing
  • Very adaptable roof material
  • High durability


  • Less durable than other types of roof materials
  • More expensive than other options

Idaho House Roof

Composition Roof

The composition roof is an Idaho house roof material that has proven to be very common. this type of roof is similar to an architectural shingle in that it is also made with a fiberglass base with granules and asphalt. Older Idaho homes built in the 50s – 80s’ used a traditional composition roof material. the traditional composition roof was a flat roll of roofing material that had little dimension. This made the house roofing material less appealing to the eye and less durable to Idaho weather. This type of house roof material has an estimated lifespan of 20 years.


  • Less expensive than other roof materials
  • Easy installation


  • Less durability
  • Not as visually appealing

Idaho House Roof

Membrane Roof

A membrane roof is an Idaho house roof material that is most commonly seen on low pitch roofs. A membrane roof is a synthetic rubber material that is designed to be very water resistant and allow snow and rain to easily run off. This roof is common on older homes where the design included a low pitch roof. Idaho snow can easily slid off of a house with this type of roof material. This type of Idaho house roof material has an estimated lifespan of 30-40 years.


  • High water resistant
  • Durable with proper installation and maintenance


  • Less durable to debris and hard materials

Idaho House Roof

Metal Roof

A common Idaho house roof material is steel metal roofing. A metal roof is commonly seen on older homes as well as new homes. A metal roof can be customized on thickness, color, and design. This roof type is installed in large sheets and is durable and resistant to Idaho snow. The ability for snow and rain runoff also allows this house roof material to be installed on lower pitched roofs. The average lifespan of this Idaho house roof is 40-70 years.


  • The roof material is very resistant to Idaho weather
  • Life expectancy is very high.
  • Ability to customize color and style.


  • Roof material is more expensive than other options.
  • Can be noisy with rain and hail.

Weather you are buying or selling an Idaho home, it is important to know what type of roof in on your house. The different roof materials in Idaho present their own pros and cons. I suggest you speak with a licensed roofer to decide what Idaho house roof material will work best for your area and budget. Feel free to contact us to get in touch with a local Idaho roofing professional.


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