House Hunting Tips in Southeast Idaho

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Is house hunting a daunting task for you and your family? Finding a home in Southeast Idaho may be intimidating for the average home buyer. We have put together 6 easy steps to make the search much easier.

  1. Select a Great Real Estate Agent
  2. Get pre-approved for a home mortgage 
  3. Prioritize house Amenities
  4. View properties
  5. Make notes
  6. Get to know the neighborhood

Select a Great Real Estate Agent

Find a real estate agent that knows what you’ve been through and has the knowledge and experience in the area is key. This is the first step in the buying a home; a good realtor will guide you through the process and have great references to service providers that you will need. Finding the right lender, knowing the ins and outs of each community, and understanding your unique situation are all things that a great real estate agent will excel in. There are numerous realtors in the southeast Idaho area; find the right realtor who you will work well with and works full time to find you the perfect home. It is recommended to take the time to sit down with an agent, get to know them, and see what effort they can put forth to serve you.


Get Pre-Approved for a Home Mortgage

Knowing what your budget is before looking at homes is very important. Once you get in touch with a mortgage lender, you will most likely fill out an online application. This application will ask for basic employment information, taxes, credit check, etc. Your lender help you find the best loan program that fits your budget and situation. Here are some of the top home mortgage companies in the Southeast Idaho Area:  ICCU, Idaho First Mortgage, Mann Mortgage, Once you get pre-approved you will be able to continue your house hunting journey.


Prioritize House Amenities

When searching for the perfect home, you will most likely have 3 to 5 very important amenities that you are looking for. Understanding what things are the most important to you and your family is essential. The easiest way to do this could be to sit down with a pen and paper and brainstorm. think about what your family will need in the future and what how you envision your next home.

House Hunting

View Properties

Scheduling showings with your real estate agent is often the most exciting step in house hunting. The great realtor that you selected will have access to any home in the Southeast Idaho area. At this point you will have browsed through homes online, seen listings as you drive by, and look through listings that your realtor has selected for you. You will choose 3 to 5 of the homes that fit your family the best and go walk through them.


Make Notes

Throughout the house hunting process, making notes will aid you in making the right decision to purchase your next home. As you walk through homes, write down your favorite and not so favorite things. Write down your thoughts of the neighborhood and any details and remarks that your realtor mentions to you. Writing down your impressions of each property and comparing each home can help you to remember your likes and dislikes for decision making.

House Hunting

Get to Know the Neighborhood

Once you find a great home you may be living in that neighborhood for while. Make sure that the area suits you and your family. Do your best to do your research on the neighborhood, utilities, schools, commute, etc. Your realtor can help you understand more about the community and point you in the right direction to find more information.

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